We, at PPS, have put our best in providing the boarding children with the best of the facilities. We have air-conditioned hostel rooms for boys and girls separate. They are safe under the guidance and protection of rectors who are constantly available for the students’ aid 24x7.

Hostel students are also provided with Morning yoga sessions, extra classes after the school, sport sessions and also a television room; because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Students deserve to have some free time.

We have day boarding and weekly boarding facilities too.


Our Students are our strength; and their strength is their health. So, we take utmost care about each and every child’s health. We have the first aid and all medical facilities available at hand’s reach and we also have First-Aid experts to help children. We have doctors who are made available at school’s beck and call. We organize regular medical check-ups for students and we have provided vaccines to children, as instructed by the government, for e.g. The Rubella Vaccine.

We also take care about children’s mental health too. We have an appointed counselor who helps us deal with children that have psychological troubles. We make sure that every child’s health – both physical and mental, is at its best because as we all know – HEALTH IS WEALTH.


Every child is different and thus needs separate approach towards them by the teachers. Parents need the assurance that their child is getting the best care, and hence the children at PPS are taken utmost care by the teachers and other staff members.

Teachers constantly are in acquaintance with every child; giving him/her the required space to express themselves, which improves the rapport between the teacher and the student. We put our best to teach the children in the way that they can understand.


Prakash Public School provides its students with the best nutrition-rich food. It’s another step towards students’ health development. We provide all the students with breakfast and lunch. Dinner is served to the hostel students.

The nutrition centre is the best in the city with hygiene, nutrition and taste at its best. The team always come in neat and clean, wash their hands before starting their day’s work and wear head covers while cooking. The food is served with the most minimal physical contact so that children get a very hygienic food in their plate.


The students of Prakash Public School have excelled and have brought great successes in the field of sports. Students who are sport-enthusiast are provided with the best coaching and training and are encouraged to participate in Taluka, District, State and National Level Sports tournaments. Our students have come out with flying colours and have made us proud, always.


Our school has 24 buses for the children. We cover almost every nearby village and town. The transportation staff is always alert during the journey and take necessary and immediate actions to sustain the smooth ride for the students.

We have appointed female attenders in each bus for the help of girl students. Boarding the bus from home till alighting in school; boarding the bus from school till alighting back at home, we constantly monitor every single detail and take care of our little passengers so that they enjoy the ride and also stay safe.